FIND OLD FRIENDS is a site FREE OF CHARGE, simply and fast, and has been designed to find again in a very easy way a friend, an acquaintance or just a person who shares our interests or with whom we share the same friend.

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Loosing the traces of someone certainly happened already to all of us: from an old school companion to a fellow soldier, from a friend we got to know during a journey to a beach volley club mate on a Sunday’s afternoon match on a crowded beach at the sea. gives us the great possibility to track down our lost friends in an easy way, even if the person we are looking for is not part of our online or chat community, or does not even have a personal computer; it is enough to know just a few personal details of him and add them to the appropriate fields on the site.
Even if we do not find his particular profile, we might get hold of one of his friends or a person who knows him and who can give us his direct contact.

Statistics claim that with a maximum of 6 steps between friends, we are all connected with each other: I know the one who at the time knew the other person who knows the other one and so on. This is why we do not have to get desperate when we have lost a phone number, a home or email address of someone we know and we would like to hear from again, because gives us a true and serious tool to do so.

This site has been designed with the aim to increase and strengthen the most beautiful thing that can happen between two persons: friendship.

A value that is vital to every individual and loosing it represents the biggest error you can do, just because we have lost his traces.
So use and don’t become desperate: sooner or later we will find your lost friend.
You can also use the site to be found again by others; maybe we will be contacted by a person we did not reckon to be important or we completely forgot about, because he played a marginal role in our life. But who knows, after so many years, he may help us reliving some past moments, rediscovering this new friend.  

Invest two minutes of your time to register and to fill in your personal data, we are convinced that in the future these two minutes will turn out to be well invested - from all the hours we spend in front of the computer.


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